Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bob the Chicken

Who is Bob the Chicken

Yes i believe in the unreal Bob the chicken, but who actually knows him. Bob the chicken is a famous chicken for being an awesome chicken. Below is a brief picture of  what he looks like. This is a picture that i drew so it is the most accurate you can go. Bob the Chicken is very simple so that is why Bob the Chicken looks simple 
 Bob the Chicken has a pledge that you must say every day. While saying this you must:

  • Put one hand on your head
  • Stand on on foot
  • and stick your tongue out.
The Bob Pledge

On this chicken, he will why
to cluck-cluck everyday and night
If we do not i will cry,
to funniness and bob the chicken for all

That is about all you need to know about bob the chicken so
 by ol yo people!!

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