Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bob the Chicken Accessories

Bob the Chicken is not senseless, he has some pretty cool accessories but they are not like the ones you girls where to impress boys. They are odd. These include:
  • Bob's Cluck hat
  • The Bob-tie
  • and Bob's name tag 

Here is a drawing by me again, of all of his accessories:

Bob's Cluck hat:
 The Bob-Tie:

Bob's Name tag:

That is all of the accessories that bob has!!
By ol yo people!

Bob the Chicken

Who is Bob the Chicken

Yes i believe in the unreal Bob the chicken, but who actually knows him. Bob the chicken is a famous chicken for being an awesome chicken. Below is a brief picture of  what he looks like. This is a picture that i drew so it is the most accurate you can go. Bob the Chicken is very simple so that is why Bob the Chicken looks simple 
 Bob the Chicken has a pledge that you must say every day. While saying this you must:

  • Put one hand on your head
  • Stand on on foot
  • and stick your tongue out.
The Bob Pledge

On this chicken, he will why
to cluck-cluck everyday and night
If we do not i will cry,
to funniness and bob the chicken for all

That is about all you need to know about bob the chicken so
 by ol yo people!!